Asodur Design

Asodur Design

R2 T per DIN EN 12004, Reaction resin adhesive from epoxy resin with high shear strength, Epoxy resin joint mortar, Two-component, Reduced slipping, Low water absorption

Features & Advantages

  • Very good binding and wash-off properties
  • Available in [18] colours
  • Protected against bacterial and fungal attack
  • Homogeneous joint appearance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Withstands high mechanical loading

Typical Application

  • For heated substrates
  • For swimming pools
  • For joint widths of 1 – 7 mm
  • For walls and floors
  • For interior and exterior use

Concrete Substrate Standards

Hardness R28 = 15 Mpa
Humidity = < %5
Temperature = +5°C ile +30°C
Relative humidity = < %85
For information about other substrates, please contact with our technical department.

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