Weberdry Crystallize Hybrid

Crystalline cementitious based waterproofing with hybrid technology. Deep penetration into the pores of concrete for waterproofing and increasing concrete strength within 1 day applied.

Features & Advantages

  • Easy to apply
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Fixing old concrete, increasing concrete strength
  • Fast crystallize reaction

Typical Application

  • Basement
  • Beam
  • Gutter
  • Column
  • Footing
  • Floor
  • Swimming pool

Concrete Substrate Standards

Hardness R28 = 15 Mpa
Humidity = < %5
Temperature = +5°C ile +30°C
Relative humidity = < %85
For information about other substrates, please contact with our technical department.

Surface Preparation

1. Do not apply weberdry crystallize hybrid on dry surface or high water absorption surface.
2. Have to splash or dampen on surface before applying weberdry crystallize hybrid for increasing waterproofing properties.
3. Should be splash or dampen on surface after applied weberdry crystallize hybrid during 3-7 days, for increasing crystallize reaction (In case of moisture surface, may be do not splash or dampen surface)
4. Mixing weberdry crystallize hybrid a little by a little so that all the products can be used before the product hardens (about 30 minutes depending on the working environment).
5. If the weberdry crystallize hybrid is not completely used, close the lid tightly and store in the shade and avoid sunlight or moisture.
6. Strictly follow the instructions.

Cleaning of Tools


Packaging & Colors


5 kg. 20 kg.

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